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Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, The subsequent Cigarette Butt

Recently my loved ones went on a well deserved holiday. 4 kids, playing partner and I.

Long days spent on sunny beaches, in a single of our countries most pristine environments.

Byron Bay is actually beautiful and the local culture are famous for fighting for it to be that way. Even the council is progressive and green, a distinctive combination that allows Byron Bay’s special offerings being experienced on a bed of

awareness which is rich like fabrics form mystical cultures.

We chose Byron for it’s magical content up to it’s post card beaches. Our favourite beach is The Pass, something for everybody there.

The waves peel around the corner of Australia at 1-3 ft, there exists least 50 people out causing them, the smoothest is obviously the long boards. The Spread a day like this has sentiments of California within the 60’s, a real sense of oneness between our species and our mother planet. We come here each year, and sometimes the tide is otherwise engaged and left big long pools safe for the kids to play and the adults to laze around together.

With a great cafe’ just higher than the beach nestled within the trees, with everything from ice poles, great food to latte’s using a friendly smile, the fusion of modern culture and nature is sublime. Even resident Bush Turkeys roam thru people looking for a treat. It’s always a fantastic day as long as we recall the sunscreen ‘cause you cant un-cook a chicken’. repair iphone Therefore we hit the beach at the beginning of the morning, ‘holiday early’ so about 10, crystal blue waves and 25 degrees. As we descended the stairs, I felt like i was floating into a post card, with a canopy of a sub-tropical green shipped to azure blue ocean.

We walked to the correct to find a place in cooler areas were we could set-up for your day’s event. As I do, to be the Dad, I forge ahead to find the right place in addition to being I was scanning the horizon to the perfect space, i then saw a flash of sunshine reflected from the sand, I watched it 3 or 4 more times. I set a b-line for it and as I got closer I saw something which made my heart sink.

I couldn’t believe our sanctuary, the spot we came to find some magic, was now scarred by someones cheap and lazy mobile provider. Our countries most beautiful beaches, where 1000s of families come every year, I was in shock understandably, it was the sharpest and a lot dangerous piece of mobile phone fodder, a razor part of a discarded tempered glass mobile screen protector, just waiting for someone or worse someone’s child to step onto its edge.

At best its the end in the beach day for family cause who takes first aid supplies to the beach on holidays? At worst it would make a meal of your child soft skin, easily slicing as a result of the bone thru tendons and, thats an hour in the ambulance atlas, not to mention all of those other holiday in tweed hospital. repair iphone Using this dangerous accessory for sale with almost every new phone current cost to the cellphone stores being from $0.50-$6, they're selling them for unto $50. Besides this being unsafe but it’s truly un-Australian.

Whilst the mobile phone becomes entrenched in our everyday lives for always several reason, there will simply be a flood on this type of dangerous waste from mobile industry growth within the next 5 years.

Our way of life move pretty fast currently, so moments that stick out need to be listened to. My moment, finding this part of mobile rubbish about the beach of my families favourite natural holiday destination, the shock of realisation that this particular piece of tech by strategy is the ‘new cigarette butt’.

Exactly what can we do? Choose to buy NEON. Ask every store you're going in for it, are there NEON screen protectors. Inside our digital mobile age, we feel . have the right and capability to create change, we can easily make the next small start-up go BIG! One small method is to demand Safe Responsible Technologies from the retailers, so they only source quality products and accessories. iphone 6 glass screen protector I realised while i saw that little bit of glass on a half full beach that, I must share this story where I could, hoping that people will notice we have a different choice available, before I knew about NEON, I became stuck in the glass-age.

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