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These paintings are executed by selecting and connecting the veneer elements, the best possible plates of precious wood, using its own unique pattern. It uses beech. oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, ash, pear, cherry, which is not a complete set of the used material. Wooden mosaic pictures retain heat and possess the magnetism of nature. order marquetry panels It's considered that the tree was even cut down, will continue to live, features a soul and heat generously shares with humanity. As experts believe, oak and birch activate the defense mechanisms in chronic diseases, cures polyarthritis, normalize blood pressure level, assistance with vegetative dystonia. Furthermore, oak improves brain activity. Birch aids in colds and flu. Pine, lime, apple, ash along with other trees of the group enhances the overall tone and resistance with the body, relieve fatigue. Similar properties haven't only "live" trees, and veneers. Therefore, it is also used to correct the energy condition of one's body or possibly a separate body. With reasonable certainty we could point out that the works of art of marquetry also emit significant bioenergetic momentum. And, as outlined by people who spends long flanked by marquetry paintings, including the author with the work, total biocapacity strategy is above the sum of the each pulse of merely one bit of veneer. The combination of these fragments in to a coherent whole, in a meaningful song, so to speak, "animates" paintings of marquetry, "animates" him. marquetry and intarsia terms.

The term marquetry found us from France (marquetry inside the roots of the two words marque: mark, sort, and set the try - tree), in our language translated as - a wood mosaic. And France wooden mosaic originated in Holland (intarsio plus includes a quantity of similar words in insert wood, embed). order marquetry picture Luxury world empires.

Holland Marketrinachala XVII century was one of many powers laid claim they can world domination. She led colonial wars in several areas of the entire world, it provides a powerful in those days trade and military fleet in metropolitan ports regularly visited Geleon laden with silver and gold, and so had to shine the splendor and luxury. Therefore, demand inside the manufacture of sophisticated, expensive and chic things led to the introduction of crafts and fine art decoration in architecture, furniture, weapons. Dutch caravels and galleons, furrow at that time every one of the oceans began to bring exotic wood, as well as local craftsmen - master furniture Affairs knew his job and with the helpful texture and hue of wood overseas, are making special orders for "Mahogany". French royal court using a natural adoration for luxury and then for world domination seemed to be impressed with luxury finishes and furniture by Dutch masters in the art greatly suffered inlay on the fertile soil of France.

Marquetry in ancient history. The very first flowering. order marquetry tables Nevertheless it can be called modern history in comparison with what depths of past centuries looks archaeologists. With thanks to the excavations are finding the technique of inlaying furniture with bronze, gold, ivory and colored glass was widespread in these colossi bygone era as Assyria and Babylon. On prime on this art tell the poets of antiquity: Pausanias, Aristophanes and Euripides, as well as the legendary Homer in "The Odyssey" describes in greater detail the entire process of manufacturing of wooden furniture: bed (bed), table olives and doors, richly inlaid with gold, silver and ivory.