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2015 ALLIED EXPRESS DRIVER AWARDS Allied Express Although we have been currently Australia’s largest, independently owned express freight and courier company, we started out like a small, local delivery business sticking with the same dreams and obstacles anyone. We know the difficulties an owner-driver faces along with what it will take to obtain ahead and we’re always searching for ways to result in the job of our drivers easier plus more rewarding. Among the initiatives you can expect our drivers may be the possibility to be rewarded for outstanding customer care on a monthly basis. The winners of every month per state will be voted for, to the Allied Express State Driver of the season, with all the this category then voted for your Allied Express National Driver of the Year. Allied Express The drivers allow me to share awarded for their ‘Above and Beyond’ procedure for customer service over 2015 in their State. They're also nominated for that Allied Express National Driver of year with Richard Powell from my Queensland depot winning the 2015 National award.

Winner of the Allied Express National Driver of the Year 129 Richard Powell Queensland Richard recently was delivering a Foxtel unit with a customer in down town Brisbane. Knocking around the door the client who answered a break down seizure and passed out while watching driver, cutting open his head quite badly. The driver then acted quickly, calling the ambulance then attending to the customer’s injury. The ambulance arrived and took the customer to the hospital. It had been only until the wife with the customer referred to as Brisbane office to praise those things of the driver, that literally “saves the customers life”, that this driver admitted to the act, saying, “I only did what anybody else would do”. And that’s the attitude that sees this driver win the award for 2015. Allied Express Allied Express Unit 2, Building 1, 62 Hume Hwy, Chullora NSW 2190 Phone: 13 13 73