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The video games genre has always been one of the quickest expanding and appealing to mobile and PC customers. Many spend an important amount for the purchase of unique units and video games for them. But at the same time, top quality and interesting games are made for other platforms. One of the most popular platform - Android, is also not an exception. However, sometimes the user can't fully enjoy the game on the screen of the android gadget; he would like to carry on passing on a wide screen resolution, for example a computer, which stays in the room and would surely fit the game needs. And then there exists the simple question - how to play the Android application on your pc? Is Candy Crash Saga for PC possible?

There is nothing surprising in the quickly growing curiosity about Android games, as now, under this operating-system, there are created or modified a huge variety of such games, that usually aren't inferior to modern ones. Today, maybe, the only way to play Android applications using the pc is the installing of specific software (emulator) that helps you to enjoy the full applications, like viber for PC.

BlueStacks is the most popular and high quality Android emulator for programs on the PC. The soft is unique due to its excellent smoothly work, a great interface, and a huge range of functions. You can download it on the official web page. It's created for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and also Mac OS. This is what Bluestacks may do for you:

Launches the Android on a Windows computer Download applications via the cloud to Android device on Windows. Might set up an unlimited number of new apps. Can put on a typical home screen a launcher, such as on a tablet. Get ROOT rights, and more.

BlueStacks is thought to be the best program to run games and apps in this way, and is ahead of most of emulators in terms of overall performance. This means that if you have a tablet on Windows 8, you may simply set up video games and programs for Android on it. In addition, BlueStacks is optimized for Microsoft Surface Pro. It isn't only about the games, if you want WhatsApp for PC, you may have it. To quickly navigate through BlueStacks, you may utilize the search option. A very useful function is the capacity to synchronize applications and games between your Android device and Windows.

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